Safety Razor - One Month Review

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Horn DE Safety Razor
Posted on August 27, 2023

I have always shaved my beard with an electric shaver since teenage years. Despite the extremely ease of use and the near zero probability of getting cut from the blade, none of the motored cutters I have tried can remove my frustration from 5 o’clock shadows. I have heard of multiple benefits about using traditional blades over electric shavers but have always been hesitant to try them out as I am afraid of the idea of cutting myself. After I realized I have left my Braun’s charger in Sydney, I have decided this is finally the time for me to explore the manual options.

My Choice

Across multiple availabilities of hand shavers in the market, I opt in for safety razor. Unlike the deep learning curve of straight razor or the expensive blades of cartridge razor, I figured safety razor would be the most beginner-friendly and cost-effective option as it combines the benefits of both sides - ease of use and lower long-term cost.

My pick is the Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Horn DE Safety Razor. The razor is beautifully crafted with a unique pattern. I like the touch of the handle but its grip is a little bit too short at first (I have big hands). I got used to the size of it very quickly. It is also double-edged, meaning you can use both sides of the blades have a longer replacement cycle.

Proraso After Shave Lotion and Proraso Shaving Foam
The aftershave and shaving cream I got together from the deal.

First Experience

My first shave was way longer than I expected. When I used my Braun, it usually only took a minute or two to get my chin clean. Holding a really sharp blade to your own face is a really scary idea, especially when the blade is hid behind a layer of thick shaving cream. The process took me almost half an hour but the result was not satisfactory. I could still see some stubble on my face. So I thought to myself - I must be doing something wrong. Then I seek out online guides for using a safety razor and found this blog. So basically I have to identify each part of my facial hair’s direction and shave it in at least two angles - one along and one against. I also did not expect that using aftershave is so painful. I believe it is because when using blades to shave, I am actually cutting a unnoticeable part of my skin. Combined with the fact that the aftershave is made of alcohol, one can feel his skin burned by the lotion.

Shaving blade installed in safety razor
The blade is bent when installed in the safety razor.


After a month of use, I have already gotten used to shaving my beard with the safety razor. My shaving time has been reduced down to about 5 minutes, which is still longer than using a electric one. But that is acceptable for me as I need to apply shaving cream and aftershave now. I did get a few cuts though, especially when I was trying to shave backwards. But I can feel that I am getting more confident and skilled with my new shaving tools. At least I can last a nice and smooth chin for the whole day now. The pain brought by aftershave is also reduced. Maybe my skin has adapted to the aftershave or I do not make tiny cut on my skin as much as before.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my shaving experience. I do not miss my electric shaver, at least I do not worry about leaving the charger behind anymore when I am traveling.